About Me


“What would you say…you do here?”

Great question me! My name is the Honest Bachelor, you can call me Honest, or HB, or douchebag, or pretty boy toy, or flaming hemorrhoid…take your pick.
My periscope revolves around the idea that political correctness is the death of free speech. I refuse to censor myself simply to gain “likes” and be universally accepted, because let’s face it…No matter what you say or do; someone, somewhere, won’t like you…So why not say how you really feel.
Aside from speaking my mind to educate, my main goal is to entertain. I do skits, play characters, do impressions of people you may know, have live call ins, raise money for charity projects and interact with my viewers with the sole goal to be as fun as possible.

Here are my rules:

1) Trolls are not only allowed, but encouraged. The only caveat is that you’re clever. Come up with funny insults, make up a weird rumor about me, talk as much trash as you want, however; spamming is not okay as it just jumbles up the chat and really isn’t fun for anyone.

2) Disagree with me! I come into broadcast, after broadcast and see viewers getting banned because they tell a broadcaster they are wrong. I see little cults forming within periscope and wars waging between those cults because they don’t agree with eachother…Meanwhile each of those broadcasters are calling themselves “good vibe scopers.” Well I believe that people get along better when they feel they have a voice and are understood. So argue away!

3) Chat and interact. Trust me, we will all have more fun when I have a comment to respond to. Or you can watch me stare at my phone. I’d argue it’s not quite as entertaining, but what do I know?

4) Last, and definitely not least, If you don’t like what you’re hearing/seeing LEAVE, DON’T REPORT. Listen, being offended is a YOU¬†problem…Know that I am going to say and do things that may offend some, and with that in mind, if it offends you just don’t watch. Reporting me is like getting upset you walked into a porn store and they have naked people everywhere, no one is forcing you to be here.