Periscope Summit

What an epic weekend!

Had a blast getting to know everyone…The list is endless of awesome people that attended and let me drunkenly bull shit with them and/or troll them, but I want to thank each of you sincerely for being so kind and supportive!

In terms of scoping, if you didn’t tune in this weekend you missed out. So here are the synopses of each scope I did:

Scope 1: Very short broadcast I did at 4:30 in the morning. I did a parody of a popular YouTube video.

Scope 2: @MikeViruet and I do a recap of Day 1 of the periscope summit, since we didn’t scope at all day 1. We giggle about some of the funny things that happen.

Scope 3: An AWESOME game with @MikeViruet where we each go up to a random person at the summit and say exactly the same introduction, but with a twist…We go up at different times, and I look exactly like him.

Scope 4: @MikeViruet and I can’t stop cracking up at a hilarious moment that we caught in Scope 2.

Scope 5: Decided we didn’t like the stuffy mood at the Periscope Summit so figured the best way to loosen people up was to troll them by pretending to trip and “accidentally” dropping the dildo in front of groups of people.

Scope 6: Round 2 of trolling with Dildos. But this time, we take it to the streets of San Francisco.

Scope 7: @MikeViruet and I decide to host our own “panel” and tell you guys what’s actually happening at the Summit.

Scope 8: Your official wrap up of exactly what happened at the Summit from my eyes…I call out a few people for their attitude.

Scope 9: In my opinion, one of the funniest periscopes I’ve ever done. I watch a short YouTube video with you guys and take you through a roller coaster of emotions. You will start out with tears of joy, then you will laugh, and then you will be angry and ashamed. Come with me on the ride.



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