Time to blog

Hey everyone!

For those of you new to my social media account(s), I’m the Honest Bachelor.

I started out live-streaming on Periscope, basically just airing out whatever ideas I have. This hobby turned into somewhat of an obsession with keeping up to date with basically everything going on in entertainment, politics, and the news in general.

I moved my musings over to YouTube in the form of a structured entertainment show, where my comedian friends come on and discuss the latest History, Opinion, News, Entertainment, Sex and Technology stories in about 30 minutes. The show is called the HB Half-Hour (ish)…It can be seen at youtube.com/honestbachelor

My goal is to make every topic either informative or entertaining, with the ultimate goal being a mixture of both.

Along with the 30 minute entertainment show, my YouTube channel consists of shorter segments, wherein I discuss controversial topics (called Triggering Topics), also short comedy sketches and unedited debates/discussions with those willing to hash out their ideas and opinions.

I’m going to be adding blogging to my list of ways to discuss various topics without making an entire video. So be on the lookout for upcoming posts.

Everything I do is meant to entertain or inform you with an emphasis on being open to differing opinions and ideas.

If you want to be a part of the show, email me: thehonestbachelor@gmail.comĀ 

In the mean time, thank you everyone who supports what I do!


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